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love my toys like to put om show
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I come back from work and my wife welcomes me...
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This new toy is more fun than I expected it to be, I just want to cancel all of my plans. The egg shape makes me feel a bit full, and the vibrations are so nice
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Hi we took a break but are back. This is on old one but people seemed to like it and we loved reading the comments. We hope that you enjoy and tributes are welcome x
I fulfilled this Texas boy’s step___ fantasy last year. Now it seems several of his friends want me to be their step___ too. 🤗🤗
Our pretty blonde girl, Carmen, likes to lie almost on top of a guy (naked) and give his cock a good suck & rub!
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FWB Austin: Part One - Creampied…..
Usually Austin is filming me with his roommate Big D…..  But I granted him a turn with me and he made the most of it.
FWB Austin:  Part Two - Creampied Me….
Usually Austin is running the camera for me with his roommate Big D. 
But I gave him a turn and he creampied my pussy.
I love doing this warmup with Big D so much we decided to make a video.  He is huge so it takes awhile to adapt to his size.  He eventually stretches me out enough later on.
This video was exhausting for me because I was doing all the work.  Plus it took planning and practice to get it set up just right.   Made with FWB Austin
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Met him a few months ago at a party & had fun but I did not get to play with him. Came over today to watch the Vols game. Husband told me to go play & this is the video he got when he walked in!  He went DEEP then Husband reclaimed me loosened up & soakin
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Her favorite game
Neighbors girl has been blowing up my phone begging me to fuck her  again. After months of not speaking to her, I agreed to come over for a blowjob. Throw the dog a bone so to speak. Lol
Mrs.Voodoo in love with a strangers cock
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Originally a private video for someone, but fuck it 😋
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If one is good two has to be amazing. What do you boys think.
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wow, last vid hit 50 favorites so fast, as promised, another vid
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When it has to come off, it comes off!! Had a few requests and especially from Germanguy321😘
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Playful MILF?
I have just shaved my Cunt.... Fresh and very bald!  Here I play with my Small Dildo it maybe the best 13 minutes you spend today!!
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I told him to bring it here and I’ll suck it, so he did, he’s a very obedient boy x
I was told to get a DNA sample from the suspect, so I improvised!
Bent over & fucked during gamenight ;-)
This is a little something we like to call "Dickeroki" (trademarked).  I think its going to catch on.  Girls, grab a dick & sing along!
This toy is very thick and long. Do you like to watch me play with it?
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Lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
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After a day of fucking on the beach, Ben empties his balls into my mouth... Mmm, I love this feeling of receiving his thick cum on my tongue and face...
I prefer it on my face. You?
I love to play!!!
I was nervous about posting this but my husband wanted me to so bad!! You can see him cumming all over my face at the end. It’s aways so fun finishing him blowjob style…. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
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Having fun with a wife in their RV. Known this couple for years.
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Having fun with a wife in their RV. Known this couple for years.
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This was a video in a field just beside the road, I’m pretty sure you could see us fucking from the road, by the amount of beeps from cars I could hear.
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A short vid of what our ceiling camera caught, sorry it’s short x
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so a few of you were asking for a video of her boobs bouncing... they are enhanced so they dont bounce all that much especially after her weight loss... but here we are. Enjoy!
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Fuck session Part 3.  Pounding with no mercy
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As requested, more from the session.
One of my first blowjobs on video.  I've always loved sucking cocking and tasting everything.  What do you think????
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